positive words and music.

Here's what's been said about Sean and Laurie's music:

"Their music reflects their loving hearts and kindred spirits. The words reflect an understanding and compassion for life's lessons. The music flows and sticks in my memory for spontaneous recall when my mind is at rest. The world needs to be blessed with the talent and heart that Sean and Laurie have to offer in music and friendship." - Jane & Frank Fileccia (creators of "One Light; One Love", Hendersonville, TN)
"Good singing!" - David Foster (Grammy-award winning producer & songwriter) "It is in Divine order." - Dr. Wayne Dyer (television personality, author and motivational speaker)
"I like what you say and how you say it!" - Jana Stanfield (singer, songwriter, author, motivational speaker - Nashville, TN) "Their dedication to excellence is evident in all that they do." - James Casto (performing songwriter and founder of "The Nashville Songwriters Tour")
"I am awed and amazed by their great talents as communicators, performers, creators of fine musical art in the highest degree, and spiritual facilitators. I am honored and blessed to work with them." - Tony Marvelli (musical arranger and bassist w/"Denver & The Mile High Orchestra" and Mark Schultz, Nashville, TN) "Sean is one of the most gifted, dedicated and professional performers I know. His voice draws you in and his playing is always expressive and tasteful." - Tony Tanner (singer, songwriter, keyboardist and former Music Director of First Church Unity, Nashville, TN)