positive words and music.

"Somebody's Child"

Sometimes life's "curses" turn out in-fact to be life's greatest gifts. Such is the case in 1995 while I was very ill with then-undiagnosed Graves' Disease.

I drove past a homeless and obviously mentally ill woman and I experienced "Satori" -- or "instant awakening" as I knew (not thought about or imagined, but KNEW) how it would feel if 40 years had passed (a blink of God's eye) and I were no longer here... and that was my then-2-year-old daughter.

"That's Somebody's Child" I cried and pulled over to collect myself and promise God I would be His messenger.

For weeks, I struggled with the attempts at forcing a song out of me with no luck. Then one morning at 3:00 a.m. I was awakened with a calm and knowing unlike anything I'd ever experienced. "It's time" I murmured and went to the piano and co-created with God this song.

Its first public performance was at a church. My daughters were around 3 and 5 at the time and they came and nuzzled up to me during the final verse. There was not a dry eye in the house... mine included. Even today, all these years later, it's rare for me to perform the final verse without tears as the song is so immensely personal.

God had more lessons for me to learn during the years of sharing this story and this song. The first verse was written about the woman on the street I saw. The third verse was about my own children. The second verse was about a fictitious character... or so I thought. But, in March of 2004, I was robbed by that "angry young man with a gun in his hand". I dealt with some anger issues and fear after the robbery until I realized... it was certainly God's plan for me to meet the final character in our song.

God is good. And I am grateful. I look forward to sharing the song with you, whether via CD, download, or a live performance.

Thanks for listening.

In Love and Light,

Sean O'Shea

Words & Music by Sean O'Shea

That crazy old lady who walks in the street,
She waves and she smiles as she shuffles her feet.
That crazy old lady is our little girl,
Who tries to find peace in this unknowing world,

She's Somebody's Baby, She's Somebody's Child,
She's Somebody's Baby to hold for a while,
And as she's grown old, How could they know,
Just what would become of their child?

That angry young man with a gun in his hand,
He lies and he steals just to get what he can.
That angry young man is our little boy,
'Cause we've let him forget he's our pride and joy,

He's Somebody's Baby, He's Somebody's Child,
He's Somebody's Baby to hold for a while,
And as he's grown old, How could they know,
Just what would become of their child?

How can it be that we pretend that we cannot see
all His children pass by?
When will we learn to be all that He would want us to be
without questioning why?

As I hold my children who now laugh and play,
I can't help but wonder what happens one day,
If you see my children alone and afraid,
Will you turn away or walk over and say,

You're Somebody's Baby, You're Somebody's Child,
You're Somebody's Baby to hold for a while,
'Though they may grow old, how I need to know,
Just what will become of my child,

As our Spirits grow, Someday we'll all know,
That Everyone's Somebody's Child.