positive words and music.

Sean and Laurie will often perform at songwriter "rounds" in and around Nashville -- as well as other venues.  We'll post as bookings are accepted.  Right now, we're focussed on recording and writing so you'll hear fresh material when you see us! 

We are often asked one question in particular by folks we meet for the first time and that is, "So what kind of music do you play?" A question easily asked, but not as easily answered! Let's see... think "spiritual meets country with some pop and laid back adult contemporary in the mix." Better yet, take a listen to the sample on the home page and on our individual pages. Or even better than THAT, come out and see one of our shows! We love performing at churches, county fairs, home parties... just about anywhere people like to gather to enjoy music.

Would you like to host an entertaining and original music concert? Please fill out our contact form.

Photography by Kevin Schlatt

Sean & daughter Shannon performing at a coffeehouse concert in February of 2012.